Science & Society, printemps 1968

1968 Printemps

Cote : SCIE

CONTENTS On Making Socialism Scientific U.S.-Latin American Studies: A Critical Assessment Agrarian Reforms in Cuba, 1959-1963 Authors and Publishers: 1750-1830 Richard Levins James Petras James O’Connor Marvin S. Rosen COMMUNICATIONS Communication Jurgen Kuczynski BOOK REVIEWS Lamont, Freedom of Choice Affirmed Neufeld, Poor Countries and Authoritarian Rule Hinton, Communist China in World Politics Brown Book: War and Nazi Criminals in West Germany Galbraith, The New Industriel State Zucker, George W. Norris, Gentle Knight of American Democracy Howard Selsam Surendra J. Patel William H. Hinton Léonard E. Mins M. E. Sharpe W. F. Elkins

Vol XXXII, N° 2
1968 Printemps
22,8 x 15,2 cm, 122 p.

Mots-clés : Agriculture, Cuba, Enseignement, Socialisme, USA

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